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You need to manage your finances, and you need to do it with security and efficiency.

Get the best financial software solutions for your business, be it in whichever sector.

Openwave with close to two decades of experience, has delivered superior financial solutions with quality and panache.

What Do We Offer You?


Every software concerned with financial/payment management has to be simple in the end. With Openwave, simplicity is guaranteed.


This is of utmost importance in a payment solution. Openwave accords the highest priority to it and our growing clientele is proof of that.

Power to you

With our payment solutions completely White label, you have the power to customize them as you wish according to your business needs.


Well, this goes without saying. When you have quality processes that satisfy the latest ISO standards, superiority among competitors is inevitable.


For the customer to appreciate the product, he has to find it easy to work with. At Openwave, we test our solutions from the end-user point of view at all stages of development.

24*7 support

At Openwave, we believe in going the last mile to support our clients. That’s why we engage with you 24*7, 365 days a year just to make sure you’re issues are resolved in time.


Best in Business Customer Service

Customer service is a ingrained into our business at every level and providing 24*7 customer support is one of our core values. With our developers ready to handle your queries technical or non-technical, any time, you can bank on us to troubleshoot any/all issues if and when they arise.

PCI DSS Compliant
  • PCI DSS is short for payment card industry data security standard
  • This is a framework for prevention, detection and proper reaction to security incidents
  • It bolsters your security credentials via a third party certification
Quick On Board

Our superior internal processes and API integration, you can go live with your business in the shortest time. And that is of course, with all of our payment options. Now, that is definitely a clear edge over your peers.

Multi-Payment Options
  • All major credit cards like Mastercard/Visa/Amex etc
  • All debit cards offered
  • mWallets, Cash cards
  • Variety of netbanking options
  • Bank EMIs, Email invoicing and IVR payments
White Label Solutions

The important question on every payment provider’s mind today is how to ensure a speedy checkout for the customer. Merchants Payment Solution offers you an easy way out offering you a white label solution to help you store your customer’s card details. By this we ensure an easy checkout for the customer wherein he needs to enter just the CVV and the secure password.

Payment Analytics

Payment transactions require complete understanding of the check-in and check-out processes and reporting statuses. We get through the maze of analytics and gives you company control over your transactions where you will be able to ascertain immediately if your transaction is successful, failed, or dropped.

Accounting and Reconciliation

We have a separate merchant panel to detail your daily transactions

  • A dashboard with a billing tab that details your payments, settled and unsettled transactions
  • We’ve done away with manual capture of transactions with the auto-capture feature
  • T+1 settlement for cards, T+2 for netbanking
Gathering Card Details
  • Secure I-frame solutions that let you collect card details on your own page
  • Payment process simplified for the customer
  • No PCI DSS certification required!
Store Card Feature

One-click checkout is a feature that has been the most sought after by all customers. With our white label solutions allowing you to store your customers’ card details, the customer needs to enter only his CVV and password during his next transaction.

Benefits of store card feature:

  • Ease of use
  • User has the power to change card details anytime
  • Improves user experience
High Conversion Rates

Achieve higher sales with superior conversion rates as we provide you a mobile optimized payment framework with dynamic switching, intelligent retry and much more. These features help distinguish you among the vast pool of service providers and put you on a pedestal in the mind of the customer.

Multi-Currency Support

Accept international orders and payments in foreign currencies such as dollars, dirham, pound and euro as well with our multi-currency payment gateway.


This is a value at the core of our founding principles and is a part of every technology that we develop. With our payment solutions you’re assured of multi-path connectivity and 24*7 monitoring of grid performance round the year.

Multilingual Payment Services

You make payments. So, it is necessary that they be in your language right? No one understands this better than us. We make it easier for you to make payments by offering customer support in the language of your choice.

Email Payments

Our email payment solutions enable you to make payments fast and secure payments without a website. All you need to do is send an email to your customers requesting them to click and pay. And our payment system accepts credit/debit/netbanking payments from the customer online.

Mobile SDKs

Our mobile SDKs allow your mobile apps to easily accept credit card payments. Along with that, we also give you the operation of storing payment information so as to make it easier for you to make future payments.

Mobile Payments

Our state-of-the-art mobile payment solution allows you to make and accept payments hassle-free over the mobile. The mobile payment solution has been integrated with intelligent APIs that determine your handset and browsing in real time.

IVR Payment Facility

Voice responsive payment system is an important requirement of users today and we provide you the best of services here, letting you pay by phone from anywhere in the country.

  • Speed up to two times out rivals
  • Easy CRM integration
Shopping Cart Support

With our Merchants Payment Solution, you get integration APIs that help you integrate easily with more than two dozen shopping carts such as Magento, Prestashop, Oscommerce, Opencart etc.

Risk Management System

Our risk management system helps you identify and monitor transaction risk based on various parameters to ensure safety and compliance with international standards.

Customer Service

With us, customer service is not a separate department but a value that is ingrained in every stage of the development process. Our developers are available to take your queries 24*7 and provide immediate resolution and support to any issues that may arise from your front.

Bank Integration

Integration with banks has been one of our strengths and we enable bank integration for you either through the bank’s CBS (Core banking system) or via the bank’s switch.

MPI Integration

We have enabled merchant plugin interface (MPI) to enable secure online payment processing for application that run on almost any technology or platform. We incorporated validation functionality with the merchant web payment pages making password authentication and cardholder verification an integral part of our payment process.

QR Based Payments

We enable you to make and receive mobile payments via QR codes. You get a unique QR code on your mobile browser which you can read using your app and then collect the amount. Extremely simple!

Push Notification Services

Push notifications are a great way to connect directly with your app’s users. We simplify push notifications to help you make send notifications via the REST API, web console or client SDKs. And of course, we do it in any platform you require!

Turn a new leaf with Merchants Payment Solutions

Financial management just got a lot easier. With Openwave, you get security and efficiency in your finances.

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Openwave is an Information technology leader providing exemplary services to clients around the world since 1997. Our services cover the entire range of IT from IT architecture to application development to integration and maintenance, enhancement and testing.


Driven by a quality management system that is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, Openwave assures you of the best quality standards and compliance to statutory regulations. With a process oriented framework aimed at achieving efficient usage of resources, you are assured of standards matched by few others in the web world.


Openwave accords the highest importance to keeping its client’s information correct, accessible, and well protected. This is testified by the fact that our information security management system is all set to be ISO 27001:2013 certified.




With over 18 years of experience in developing web applications and payment solutions, Openwave has built its reputation on the basis of the drive, competence and perseverance of its employees. With an enviable skillset sharpened by experience, Openwave’s resources are among the best you can get.


We believe in providing 24*7 support to its customers and therefore maintain our IT infrastructure at high performance levels in terms of availability and reliability (99.9% uptime). This covers everything from managing firewalls to maintaining high meantime between failure (MTBF) to state of the article intrusion detection systems.

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